Thursday, July 28, 2011

TDI Dog TItan –Helps Unite Lost Dog And Owner

By: Richard R.
"A few nights ago, our dog Titan who recently registered with TDI, alerted us to a dog who had been lost in a storm and was taking refuge on our porch in the middle of the night. While asleep during a particularly fierce thunderstorm, Titan heard something and alerted my wife to wake up. When she awoke, she found an elderly shepherd mix with collar and tags scared and soaked on our downstairs front porch. After some effort, my wife was able to befriend the dog, inspect his collar and tags which thankfully had the dog’s name and phone number. The call to the owner at was met with a tremendous amount of relief on the owner’s part. He’d been out searching for the dog during the storm. The owner drove to our home in the middle of the night and was greeted by her dog Levi with a two legged hug and lick. His shivers became wags and he gladly jumped in the back of the family car for the ride home.

Had Titan not alerted us, we may have never had the chance to reunite the lost dog with its family."

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