Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mentions In The Press

Lately our Therapy Dogs and their Handlers have been getting a lot of press around the country. From the heartland to the coast, several dog/handler teams have been recognized in their local newspapers and magazines.

 TDI dog Smokey and his handler Richie Czark of North Carolina were recently the subjects of an interesting article in the Hilton Head Monthly Magazine entitled “The dog’s not staying.” The article profiles Smokey’s journey with the Czark family, from his rescue to his dedicated work as a TDI therapy dog.

Another Dog/Handler team in the news this week is TDI Dog Abby and her Handler Greg Jones, who were featured in a local Indiana Newspaper called, The Republic. The front page article highlights a few of her visits to a local hospital and the powerful effect she has had on both patients and staff alike. This article called “Canine Comfort” includes several photos as well, showing Abby in her TDI regalia.

We are glad to see this positive press regarding our organization’s members and TDI would like to thank all TDI Dog/Handlers for their continued service and therapy work.

To view the mentioned articles visit:   (See digital version---Page 60)

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