Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stories of a TDIAOV Dog

By Anne C.
“Chase is my fifth Flat-Coat and my fifth therapy dog. I know most owners feel their dogs are special, but I have a story or two of Chase’s work, particularly at Western Mass. Hospital (a long-term care facility, not a regular convalescent hospital), that you might like:
On his very first visit there, once his TDI membership was official, Chase met an older woman and fell for her at first sight. And so did she with him. He dove onto her bed and kissed her, and she was delighted! And every visit since, she can’t wait for him to jump up and give her kisses.
 I knew how much he loved “his” patients, but one day some months later, even I was surprised. We saw a new patient for the first time, a young woman who (I was later told) was scared of her new surroundings. She was in a reclining wheelchair, with fists clenched and legs and arms moving as if to kick or strike anything that came near--- and the staff were leaving her plenty of room. Then she saw Chase, who only saw a human who could use some love. In one second, she was a different person- relaxed, and absolutely delighted when he walked up to her and started planting kisses. We see her on most of our visits now, and she is always calm around Chase. This has to be pet therapy at its very best.”


  1. Wow Anne - Chase was in the CGC class with Apple and we sat next to each other. So nice to hear of Chase's work.

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