Friday, May 25, 2012

Extra measures are needed for infection control!

Very Important!

Please read and take action to protect yourself and your dog.

One of our decicated associate members is a regular visitor at a children's hospital. I will direct quote but omit names places etc.

"I will summarize the best I can about what happened at the Children's hospital. I was taking my dog to visit the children every other week and I was told to wash my hands before I go into a room and after I leave. I was also told to give the child he visited a wipe to wipe his hands before I leave with my dog. I should have thought about it myself but I did not. The children should wash their hands before they touch my dog. In the end, my dog came down with a staph infection and then I also had a staph infection. It has been a four and a half month period of going to the vet and for me a determatiologist. My dog was on anti-biotics for a period of 45 days. He was losing clumps of hair and I had the staph infection in my scalp. After excellent treatment, we are both fine now (finally).

I called the hospital and they have agreed to put into effect the rule of the children washing their hands before touching dogs.

I am planning to return in July. The vet wants me to wait until then."

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