Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's wipe out illiteracy! One action at the time.

TDI's program Children Reading to Dogs, "TAIL WAGGIN' TUTORS" helps children learn how to read. Here is an excerpt of an email received from one of our newest TDI associate members:

I want to share a SUCCESS story with you. Gladys ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ) has been the Tail Waggin' Tutor for a local school since March. She has been listening to the 1st graders and a few 3rd graders read to her.

The 3rd graders have shown impressive improvement in their reading scores.

Student 1 = initially reading at 30 words per minute ; now at 125 words per minute He received the most improved reader award!
Student 2 = has doubled his word per minute score
Student 3 = has almost doubled his word per minute score

The first graders have shown steady improvement in their scores as well.
We are planning to continue this program next school year.


Here is a short version of our Children Reading to Dogs "Tail Waggin' Tutors Video. See how it is done!

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